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About CDS

Over 25 years of IT Success!

Our History

Since 1993, our goal has been to provide value to all our clients through the supply and support of IT equipment, software and services that will allow clients to run their business and business systems easily and successfully while maintaining an ethical approach to all our clients and their needs.

CDS Today

We have continued to thrive throughout the last (nearly) three decades by maintaining a dedication to our clients, remaining focused on what their needs are, rather than the needs of the systems that they use. We work every day to increase the range of services we provide, keeping ahead of new technologies and introducing them to clients where appropriate.

We have worked with IP telephone systems for four years now. We keep up to date with web and internet technologies and Security threats that go along with that. CDS have hosted and managed our own cloud systems for over five years. We do not "follow the crowd" with IT - we try to make the systems work for clients and not the other way around. Trends are useful to businesses, but not always beneficial. We continue to use up-to-date software development systems and software and hardware products but we do not follow change for change's sake, firmly putting customer need before sales targets and the latest fashions in IT.

By continuing with this customer focused approach we have formed a niche which allows us to continue developing clients' businesses into the 21st Century as Business IT Consultants, Software Developers and Suppliers and Maintainers of IT equipment and Software.

We rebranded as CDS (Information Technology) Limited in 2019 to identify ourselves as business focused, but we will never stop helping any client that needs us. We have a strong team of well qualified and talented staff with a wide range of experience and understanding who consistently work hard to maintain the customer focused, ethically minded quality service that has been the backbone of CDS for its entire existence. You can be confident in their ability and dedication to your business. In the same way we can be confident in our new branding slogan which summarises what we ourselves have seen in our clients:

CDS - IT Success!

Richard Powell (Managing Director)

Some of our Clients

Here are just a few of our long list of clients that work with us daily.

McQueens Dairies McEvoy Engineering Sunbird Clyde Marina Morton Young & Borland TCS Construction Consultants Blair & Bryden B & A Travel North Ayrshire Council

Remote Support

We offer remote support to our customers, so no matter where you are we can help.

Connected in seconds, straight to staff PCs to find that missing file, or onto servers for routine maintenance.

Our remote tool only needs to be installed once, and we can request access.

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