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CDS Support Service

Our clients recieve the highest level of services and support anywhere, anytime.

IT Support

There are many ways to support your business. At CDS, we do what suits you and your way of working.

We want our clients to be happy with our services and we also want you to be working happily with your I.T. so when you have a problem, you call CDS and we help. It starts with one phone call, we will do everything we can over the phone to help you, even remotely connect to the computer and try to help more directly. If the situation calls for it, we will come out to your site straight away to correct your problems.

We believe you need to trust your I.T. provider, and all our clients trust us with their business support. They will never hesitate to call us and nor should you.

Support Contracts

CDS offer support contracts to our clients from as little as £36 PCM.

Our flexible support contracts are designed to suit your business needs. Anything from support over the phone to regularly scheduled equipment maintenance & site visits.

Our trained support engineers, are fully prepared to help with any IT problem you have. We make it our goal to familarise ourselves with your business so we know whats in your best interest.

Contact us and we can go through your needs and find the best way CDS can support your business today.

Cloud-based Email & Data Storage

At CDS, we use our own hosted Microsoft Exchange servers rather than Microsoft's Office 365 platform for our cloud-based email systems. This means that we are in complete control of them., meaning that we are not tied to Microsoft for support, tracing of emails or fault finding.

This allows us to:
  • Trace incoming emails from arrival from the internet right through to the destination mailbox
  • Trace emails from clients from the time sent right up to the point they reach the destination server
  • Set up clients' email addresses quickly ready for use when you need them
  • Manage our own anti-spam system, customised to suit our clients' exact needs
  • Act as a single point of contact for support. No waiting in call queues for Microsoft's response
  • Keep robust backup systems so no email can be lost
  • Use a reliable failover system, with multiple servers to keep the maximum possible uptime
  • Provide complete traceability for our clients to ensure that they know for certain their emails have been received or sent.
Our clients want CDS to keep their data safe and secure, so we use our online backup system to back up your important data and provide cloud data storage for clients who don't use a server.

Working in a similar manner to OneDrive or GoogleDrive, we use a cloud system over which we have full control, stored on our servers. Your data is encrypted and uploaded to one of our servers and synced down to the rest of your computers, acting as if you had your local file server.

You can access this data from any computer and most smartphone or tablet devices.

All our servers are replicated across multiple locations preventing data loss and downtime.

Your call to CDS becomes your only call if you have any issues or questions relating to cloud services.

IP Telephone Systems

CDS can setup and manage your company's phone systems through our High Quality SIP provider.

This means is clear voice calls, over your internet connection at a substantially lower cost than your existing supplier.

The savings clients typically make cover the cost of setup, new handsets including all necessary equipment
with all the features you get from a conventional high end phone system and more including:
  • Mulitple Lines (one per extension)
  • Call queues
  • Call ring groups
  • Out of hours & scheduled holiday custom voice messages
  • Voicemail and coicemail to email
  • Fax to email
  • Call Diversion to External lines and mobiles
  • and custom music on hold
If the system is setup across multiple sites, your calls between sites are free and as simple as calling someone in another room, as is transferring calls between sites.

Your phone bills could be reduced by as much as 50% and you have the same support with phones as you would expect from CDS IT support. Contact us and we can discuss how CDS can help.

Web Design & Software Development

CDS can manage all your internet services including your website or web-based systems for your clients.

We can simply host an existing website, or we can design one for you. We work closely with our clients to get the design to their liking. From colours and images to menu style and page layouts, your website represents your business, so it has to contain what you want.

We can do single page sites or large multi-page websites designed for thousands of visitors per day, to advertise your products & services or to allow you to interact with your clients.

We also create custom software to streamline your business operations.

CDS develop and maintain custom software systems for multiple clients including:
  • a complete estate agency package to manage sales & lettings, as well as live uploads to custom wesbites and Rightmove.
  • a custom SMS system that allows people to send automated SMS messages to their customers
  • a system to allow our client's own customers to log on and manage orders
  • a system to encode delivery points on a map to optimize vehicle routing
  • an online sales order creation and management system
  • an online address and phone number validation system for a client's own customers
Custom software can take a while to create, but we get it to our clients working, ready to be tested so it can be further refined to their needs exactly.

If a system you need exists already, we can help make it work properly for you, if one doesn't exist, contact us to see what we can do and we can create it for you.

Computer Repair

Our bread and butter, fixing computers is something we do daily. We can help with any problem whether its software related or hardware.

Virus removals, operating system reinstallations, PC speed ups, software setup, WiFi connection setup and many more. We will be honest about our time and costs and give you a price up front.

Hardware issues such as a faulty pwoer supply, fitting a new hard drive, damaged network card, even printer and router faults are simple for us to get you working as soon as possible.

Tablet & Phone Repair

Have you dropped your phone or tablet and damaged the screen? We can fix it.

At CDS we can repair tablet and phone screens. We will need to see the device to insure we get the correct part and that the damage is only to the screen. If it looks like other parts maybe damaged we maybe able to help with those too but we can tell you at the time.

Even issues with apps, we can help. Setup your email on your device, connect it to your printer or your WiFi.

Contact us and we can discuss how we can help.

Remote Support

We offer remote support to our customers, so no matter where you are we can help.

Connected in seconds, straight to staff PCs to find that missing file, or onto servers for routine maintenance.

Our remote tool only needs to be installed once, and we can request access.

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